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5 Fantastic HTML5 Banner Examples

HTML5 has brought amazing functionality to banner ads, making them more dynamic and more effective. But as you navigate these new functionalities, you need to familiarize yourself with what these ads are actually currently capable of. 

To gain a deeper understanding, we’ve compiled real-world examples of how StreamEye has taken our clients’ HTML5 ads to the next level. 

1. Lidl Bulgaria

As one of the country’s biggest grocery chains, Lidl Bulgaria constantly (and instantly) needs to update ads to reflect weekly offers and seasonal changes. These ads need to push specific products as well as the Lidl brand, all while keeping with Lidl’s friendly aesthetic.

To do this effectively, ads need to function like short videos. Incorporating produce as cartoon characters (think walking oranges and swimming coconuts), dynamic movement provides far more attention-grabbing ads than static predecessors. The ads then quickly shift to dynamic slides of reduced price items to drive discounts home. 

2. Paddy Power Cheltenham 2019

Our brains are wired to pay attention to faces, which is particularly true when a famous person’s profile is showcased unexpectedly. Paddy Power uses a striking picture of Irish jockey Ruby Walsh with a Aladdin Sane-style lightning bolt painted across his face to grab the audience’s attention. The zooming motion reinforces the effect and contrasts with Walsh’s stoic look.

Though the picture is eye-catching, Paddy Power also draws attention with creative, fun text animations.  This keeps ads visually appealing while guiding the viewer’s eye. This kind of control is something that previous static banner ads simply weren’t capable of.

You can read more about how Paddy Power Betfair streamlined its digital ads.


Like most streaming and sports-betting companies, DAZN faced challenges in displaying the latest game information. By combining their StreamEye setup with HTML5 ad updates, they ensure they’re only displaying the latest, most relevant games.

What’s more, the way images and text move about the frame deliberately mimic the style of television ads. This primes viewers to start thinking about the upcoming game by using a familiar and powerful visual language. Mimicking this television style is something only HTML5 ads can do.

Check out a full case study on what DAZN accomplished with its banner strategy.

4. 32Red

Online casinos are another area where ads should be as dynamic as the games themselves, and displaying recent winnings (by real players) is a winning strategy. With 32Red, viewers are shown ads during each game option, which reminds them that real people are actually winning big. 

5. Virgin Games

Another online casino, Virgin Games, focused on one game while creating an excellent replication of playing – and winning. HTML5’s video effects allow slots to run through multiple pulls before filling the screen with coins. A dynamic and eye-grabbing effect like this offers prospective players a true sense of playing the game.

How StreamEye takes ads to the next level 

These five examples illustrate that static banners don’t hold up to HTML5’s flexibility and visual appeal. While static banners still have a role to play (like print ads or billboards), the changing online advertising landscape clearly demonstrates that online video is king.

Tools like StreamEye automatically combine the functionality of custom video, instant updates, effortless modification, and less data-intensive sizes for sites that need to load fast. Unlike our competitors, we’re not bound to a particular tool or preset interface to create animations. StreamEye animations are scripted from scratch using the latest advances in Javascript which provides endless versatility and creativity. 

Contact one of our representatives to discover how StreamEye can transform your dynamic advertising strategy with a few clicks of a button.